East Texas Triathletes



Triathlon is an exciting, three-sport race, which takes place in the following order: Swim, Bike, Run. It’s a fun way to get fit and have fun!

* Distances are tailored to each age category.

Age Category

  • (ages 6-8) 50 meter swim, 2 mile bike and 1 mile run
  • (ages 9-10) 50 meter swim, 4 mile bike, and 1 mile run
  • (ages 11-12) 50 meter swim, 6 mile bike, and 2 mile run

Distances may vary slightly per year

All athletes are placed in groups or “waves” broken down by age category and swim experience. For safety reasons, our wave start staggers smaller groups of athletes every few minutes. There are no more than 12 athletes in each wave.

The TMF Rose City Triathlon will take place that morning. When you arrive at the race venue, feel free to cheer and watch the adult athletes racing or visit any of our Fun Zone booths until the transition area is opened to the youthletes at 11:30am. At the appropriate time proceed to the transition entrance where you will be greeted by a volunteer who will “body mark” your child and direct you to your general bike staging area. After you have set up your child’s equipment in transition, proceed to swim start area where there will be a mandatory race briefing about the rules and course layout. Your child’s age category’s wave start time will be included in the information provided in the athlete race kit.

When it’s their turn, all athletes in your child’s wave will be led to a marshaling area near the lake where volunteers will prepare them for the start of their swim. Then, get ready for the fun as the children complete their swim distance, then enter the transition area to put on their running shoes and bike helmet before safely walking/running their bikes to the bike mount line to complete their bike distance before completing the race with their run distance that ends with crossing the finish line.

Family and friends are encouraged to cheer athletes along and especially as they cross the finish line and receive their participant medals. After the race ends, be sure to spend time in our exciting Fun Zone, where families can enjoy a variety of activities and treats!

Depending on your child’s age category and related race course distances, he/she will need to complete a certain number course loops in the bike and run portions of the race. The loop information will be provided in race kit. Although we will do our best to help track laps, it is ultimately the parent/guardian and athlete’s responsibility to keep track of their laps for the bike and run portions of the race as they are completed.

We recommend that parents clearly communicate with their children where they will be positioned on the race course to help them count their loops. There will be a designated loop counting area marked by a sign on the race course. Parents/guardians may choose to stand in these designated areas or some other highly visible spot in the spectator areas alongside the race course. Some parents/guardians make their own loop counting signs on pieces of paper with large numbers they hold up to help their child easily count and keep track.



No. We will have ample number of lifeguards and volunteers within arm’s reach of your child during the swim portion of the race to provide them with whatever assistance needed to complete the distance.

No. We highly recommend parents have a general sense their child can complete the short distance of the swim leg without much difficulty.


Our youthletes are allowed to use all types of bikes, as long as the equipment is in good working order.

No. All youthletes must complete the bike portion of the race unassisted.

This is a line marked outside the transition area where youthletes are directed by signs and Volunteers to walk their bikes in and out of the transition area. There they will mount their bikes for riding the course and dismount off their bikes to walk back and place at their transition spot only to exit again for the final run portion of the race.


Closed-toe running shoes are the only footwear permitted.

No. All youthletes must complete the run portion of the race unassisted.


The Transition area is where athletes go immediately upon completing their swim. It is a secured area in which athletes set up their equipment and personal items needed for the bike and run portions of the race prior to the start of the race. Athletes will be given designated times by which their equipment and personal items must be set up in transition on race day – designated times will be listed in race kits.

Pre-race, all athletes and parents/guardians are allowed in the Transition area during their designated set up time. During the race, only athletes and Volunteers are allowed in Transition. Volunteers will assist athletes as needed during the race (i.e. tying shoelaces, buckling bike helmet chin straps, etc.).

Everything needed for the bike and run portions of the race should be set up in the Transition area: bike (place on rack if available), helmet, running shoes, shirt with bib number attached, shorts if desired, towel for drying off, water bottle, etc. Check out our helpful Transition Checklist. And don’t forget to attend our helpful Tri Race Clinic that will be held in August.

Equipment & Apparel

The only required equipment is a bike and helmet for the Bike portion of the race.

Helmet: Athletes must wear a bike helmet with a fully buckled chin strap.

Bike: Bike must be in good working order. If you are unsure about the condition of your child’s bike, we recommend having it inspected by a professional bike shop.

Recommended: Goggles, Water bottle, towel, closed-toe running shoes, sunscreen and cap or visor.

Registration & Race Kit

Registration is available through imAthlete.com.

The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable to another athlete.

A race kit is a packet of information that includes the athlete’s bib number, Transition set up time, wave start time, plus information and goodies from sponsors.

We recommend that Race Kits be picked up at the event site the day before race Day. Race kits can also be picked up the morning of the race at the event site.


The race will take place rain or shine. If heavy rain causes the course to be unsafe modifications to the course and/or distances may be made.

If there is lightning, the race will be halted or the start delayed until 30 minutes after the last flash of lightning.

If the race is cancelled due to inclement weather, athletes will still be given the items included as part of registration: race kit goodies, race t-shirt and participation medal. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer refunds or rain checks.